.I-am Name Alok Prateek Contact +91-9968-03-5588 Web alokprateek.ml Facebook @alokprateek LinkedIn @alokprateek E-Mail i@alokprateek.in
.About Native-Country India City Delhi Age 23
.About:before My Background I am born and brought up in Noida, and did my schooling from Delhi Public School. It provided me with great exposure and helped me excel in my field of interest. I always liked the idea of connecting known facts and recalling them, which made a great quizzer, and helped my school team to win many quizzes and I've conducted dozens, for which my school made me President of Quiz Society.
I have interest in web and graphic designing, and I've created many posters and websites for my school and college events. I also have a fair knowledge of German language, which I have studied until B2 Level.
Currently, I am pursuing an engineering course in Information Technology and I am looking for opportunities for summer internship. My plans include pursuing research in artificial intelligence and a trip to Antarctica (before the glaciers melt or the penguins migrate).
.Work-experience .first Institute-name IT Club, DPS Gr. Noida My-position Web Developer Duration 27 Months
.Work-experience .second Institute-name JNU Forum for Mutual Learning My-position Front-end Developer Duration 8 Months
.Work-experience .third Organization-name Baario My-position Web-app Developer Duration 5 Months
.Skills HTML5 90% CSS3 90% JavaScript 85% C 60% C++ 60% Node.JS 65% Angular 60% react.JS+JSX 70% MarkDown 100% OS Administrative Tools 80% Graphic Design 90%
.Skills .GraphicDesign PhotoShop 95% Illustrator 90% Corel Draw 95% AutoDesk 3DS Max / Maya 60%
.Skills .CSS Object-Oriented CSS (SASS) 70% PhoneGap 80%
.Skills .Javascript Jquery 90% JqueryUI 70% ReactJS 30%
.Skills .os-tools cmd 90% Powershell 70% Bash 40% Git 40%
.Education-information 10th Pass 12th Pass Graduation Pursuing Post-Graduation In-Prospect
.Education-information .first Institute-name Delhi Public School, Greater Noida Year-of-study 2000-2013 Tenth-Percentage 90% Twelth-Percentage 85.2%
.Education-information .second Institute-name IEC College, Greater Noida Year-of-study 2015 - 2019 Department-of-education Information Technology Result-status Currently awaited
Thank you for your interest.