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I’ve used Experimental Web standards to make cool stuff.

Star Wars Polygon Characters

I created these as fan art for star wars. This project DOESN’T use images. But instead, this project involved creating polygons and manipulating them using CSS. JS is only used to switch between figures.

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star wars image

3D Chess Rendering

This project was built for an interschool competition which involved creating an interactable object using JS. I created the chessboard because of my very limited knowledge of JS, and also, it could do much more in less. Surprisingly this little experiment won me the second prize.

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3d chess image

Spiral Generator

This project helps to create spirals based on values entered by the user using JavaScript. There is also an option to render random spirals.

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spiral generator image

Into the space?

8 Bit USS Enterprise Spacecraft

Another animation that I created purely using CSS.

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star trek uss image

Space game using ONLY CSS

This is a rip-off of a cheap space invaders clone. The original one used shabby JS code, which was hard to understand and did nothing noticeable. I removed all of the JS and tried to do it using only CSS. I succeded. Partially. Two things still don’t work well. Play to find out.

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space games image

Dance of robots

This one is my favourite. This project was built mainly on JS, in which I explored different aspects of JS to a fairly advanced level. And the end output was also pleasing. At the start, each robot acts together, but after 180 seconds of manual intervention, they break away and dance separately.

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dancing robots image

Story of My Life

An infinite animation sequence made in CSS. I made this to experiment with CSS animation property.

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story of my life image

Windows 98

Windows 98 mockup using CSS.

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windows 98 using css image

Fluid JS

Liquid properties simulation using JS.

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fluid blobs image

Planet JS

Planetary Environment simulation using JS.

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planet environment image

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