The Medley

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The Medley is an online journal that I created for a student group. The journal has been quite successful and given me quite good reads over the years. Their introduction reads as

“The Medley is an online literary journal, published in India and focused on building a creative space for new and emerging writers, both nationally and internationally. We welcome narratives from writers and poets of all walks of life, work that is acutely personal and emboldened by its universality.”

The nitty gritty

The platform was made on Jekyll. I started of with a theme but ended up making huge changes to the theme, so in the end lot of components were brand new. The site was being hosted on Github Pages, but I moved it to firebase recently. This was a quite shift to firebase was indeed good, and has helped to add few extras too.

The design of the logo and the splash was my own concept, but derived from their idea, which sounded bit long and quite complex. What I have always focus on is simplicity. which they got.

I’ll write something more on the details when I touch this again.

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