The Gentleman Show

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‘The Gentleman Show’ is a podcast show that has kick-started conversations around what a man feels, faces, and strives to learn to polish his persona. It is an ode to the modern gentleman who has broken the shackles of societal conventions and isn’t afraid to be himself, as his individuality makes him beautiful. He is constantly trying to unlearn, relearn and devise his understanding of becoming a better version of himself.

I was involved as the production manager for this entire show, where I managed location, people and essentials of production. I also designed the logo of the podcast. The design process for the logo was quite long and involved a ton of research. The method of ideating and then finding and crossing out all variations that already exist as a logo of something or the other is very tiring. This took me over two weeks. Then out of the remaining variations on the list, I started to design 6 concepts, out of which we kept two concepts for further iteration. Then one of the iterations became quite a favourite with everybody, on which an additional round of 14 variants was made.

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