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The single piece of software you need to use to build and deploy kickass apps with node.

expeditejs is an Open-Source Full-Stack solution that helps you to build fast and maintainable web applications using tools like Vue.js, Firebase, Progressive Web Apps support, dynamic offline support. The goal of this project is to provide a powerful and well configured stack (with CI/CD, hosting…) so you can focus on writing your web application very quickly.

The stack is made up of :

  • Vue.js : front-end framework
  • Vue-cli : standard tooling for vue.js development
  • Vuex : state management
  • Firestore : cloud NoSQL Database
  • Firebase hosting : fast and secure web hosting
  • Firebase authentication : for easy authentication
  • PWA : progressive web app support
  • Prettier : code formatting rules
  • Eslint : control code quality
  • Jest : unit testing
  • Cypress : e2e testing
  • Vue head : meta description per page
  • [Optional]prerender spa plugin : pages prerendering
  • [Optional]circleci : continuous integration/deployment
  • [Optional]bundlesize : control your js bundles sizes

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