What tech do you use?

Updated by Alok Prateek

Read on friend to learn about the hardware and software I use for play and to build my projects. None of it is terribly exciting or unexpected, but hey — maybe the curious of you will find it interesting.


Design and development

  • Operating systems: Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows 10
  • Adobe Creative Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator, and occasionally AfterEffects.
  • Microsoft Terminal to handle all command-line shit across Ubuntu(bash), cmd and powershell in one place. Bonus points to it since I contributed. 😜
  • Visual Studio Code with these extensions:

    1. Material Theme Kit
    2. GitLens
    3. Lorem ipsum
    4. Settings Sync
  • GitKraken for Git heavy lifting and my life so much simpler.
  • Adobe XD and Lunacy to handle prototypng and designing
  • Laragon a local webserver with a huge out-of-the-box developer toolkit.

Other noteable software

  • Microsoft Mathematics for calculating stuff and doing stats.
  • Draw.io flowchats to express my process and brainstorming to the client.
  • Zettlr great editor to write stuff in markdown. I’m typing this article on it too.
  • Prepos great tool to complie and process css anh js files visually.
  • Hemingway Editor a tool to make my sentences less complicated.
  • Ora an awesome project management tool.
  • Spotify for music.
  • Meetings are usually held on Zoom or Google Meet.
  • I do API design and testing on Postman and Stoplight Studio

Site stuff

This site is built using handful of really cool pieces of tech.

And because I’m such a cool dude I’ve open sourced the specifics of how the site is built. I’ve made its source available on GitHub for anyone to use and abuse — you’re welcome!

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