5 life lessons from video games

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I learnt from everything I ever did.

The thing I did the most was playing games and committing mistakes.😰 I spent a huge amount of my life playing and trying every game I could ever lay my hands on. These countless hours have of playful pastime have taught me many things. The foremost of them is failing and tweaking your strategy. And the other is to gamify up everyday tasks.😁.

Fun fact: I open in-game items or do upgrades when I finish some real-life tasks. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and go lucky feeling😅😇😅😇.

Here are my top insights from playing games for over 15+ years.

  • Many games have secret bonuses and features not explained. To extract the most out of things you have to be meticulous.
  • Repeated failure is built into the learning curve of any well-designed game. Failure is a part of success in real life and you have to learn to embrace it.
  • Experiment with strategies, even if it leads to an occasional loss.
  • Most gamers are willing to spend copious amounts of time mastering games but can’t say the same about their careers. Enthusiasm propels you to success, try to bring some of that to life.
  • Most people are engaged by games but not by their jobs. Try to gamify your work and challenge yourself at the office.

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