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Hello there! — I’m Alok Prateek

I am a full-stack web developer with decent experience of tinkering. I enjoy creating Progressive Web Apps and sometimes drawing stuff in Illustrator. I’ve recently developed a keen interest in openAPI and have been exploring its possibilities. My future plans include a trip to Antarctica before the glaciers melt or the penguins migrate.

I was born and brought up in Noida, and completed my schooling from Delhi Public School. It provided me great exposure and helped me excel in my myriad interests. I always loved the idea of connecting known facts and recalling them, which made me a great quizzer. I helped my school team to win many a times in quizzes and conducted dozens. I developed a keen interest in web and graphic designing early on. An experience which helped me craft many posters and websites for school events. I also have a fair knowledge of German language, which I have studied until B2 Level.

I unfortunenately have redesigned my blog eleventh time over, but could never write consistently. I’m still young so I hope that I’ll get consistent overtime. But in the meanwhile do surely have a look at my empty blog…

Stuff I know

I have maintained, developed and launched multiple projects from scratch. I carried out branding, the design of UI/UX, and the development of its back-end and front-end codebases.

My current toolset includes node, React, Vue, TypeScript, PWA’s, Express Framework and all the other various frameworks, libraries and technologies related to them. I also used to work on websites using PHP codebases and running on Apache/NGINX servers. I used popular framework Drupal and WordPress. I can still do smaller projects using these, if you really want me to.

Currently I’m learning Deno and Google Cloud Anthos. OpenAPI has piqued my interest and I’m currently contributing to several open source solutions related to it.

Feel free to ask me any questions. I can help you in your project with everything from the branding, design, UI mock-ups, back-end and front-end web development. I can also fix the design and upgrade older code bases. I can also install & configure the application on staging/production environments.

Call me a Swiss Army Knife in terms of web development.

I love to

Collect! (cards, stamps, in-game collectibles & books),

Read! Books, articles and blog posts on fantasy, sci-fi, infotainment, technology and history

I like to

Listen to rock and metal music,

read marvel comics and watch their video adaptations,

draw doodles, motifs and patterns,

theme my android

and watch the birds and the stars.

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